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sour times

powerful stuff.



the disposable memory project

love the idea behind this.

if i ever get my arse in gear i’d love to do something similar.

bad language!


I wrote a post on the Greenbelt blog.

It’s about bad language.

(note to self – must grow up a bit).

jesus is for losers…

…according to calamateur. and he’s scottish. i ain’t arguing.

his album, jesus is for losers, all full of covers that mention jesus somehow or other. it’s free. free. for nowt. and it’s very good.

he may not (or may) thank me for this but it’s for fans of Snow Patrol, Iain Archer and the like (so michael lock) and perhaps some other people too.

perhaps click on the pic above and go download the album. then perhaps pass it on to as many people as you can. then perhaps drop him a message to say ta or something else that’s nice.

insult to latin

For food in a hungry world, for companionship in a world of loneliness, for peace in an age of violence, we give thanks.

this is the new, non-religion-specific grace that newnham college cambridge is hoping to adopt (except this is in english and the grace will be in latin, obv).

it replaces

Bless us Lord God and bless these gifts which by your generosity we are about to eat, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

one professor (beard) said the new grace was

disguising a load of well-meaning platitudes in some posh dead language, which was actually an insult to that dead language.

i quite like it. wish a  lot of our public prayers could be so meaningful.

more here

‘God keeps making gays’*

John Bell

John Bell

Greenbelt has a podcast.

John Bell said that.* I’m not going to explain it.**

The two are linked.

If you subscribe to the Greenbelt podcast (click on John’s lovely bearded Scottish head for more info) you can get free Greenbelt talks; including the one where John Bell said that* then you can hear why he said that* and all will be explained.**

If you do subscribe, it’d be great if you jotted a quick review on itunes too; it helps the people who put it together to know what they are doing right and what they could do better, and it helps itunes to rank the podcast.


cardiff is nyc c1970s – official

incredible set of cardiff by night pics on flickr.

it ain’t always pretty but these are beautiful.

saying something quietly.