about lost in graceland

lost in graceland is a little space for little thoughts from a little group that’s spread over a huge area.

most of us live in different parts of the uk, though we do have an outpost on the other side of the world (just the one for now, let’s see where we go from here).

it’s a place for mind-tickling thoughts, moments to pause, scratchy sounds and pictures and those bits of life that let you peep behind the bland.


3 responses to “about lost in graceland

  1. Word! G’day from downunder and hello to all Gracelanders wherever this post may find you. Tidy work by Ed – although the umbrellas may be interpretted as a sly comment on the prevailing Cardiff weather!! Welcome to the world of WordPress!
    God bless Graceland – wherever you go; there you are!

  2. hi rob

    i wanted to use the word antipodean in my about para but couldn’t figure out how to spell it.

    too late now.

  3. good man, charlie brown

    this looks like a good thing


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