Greenbelt 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen…it is nearly August 2010 and this blog has become a part of our history as newer, better, faster ways of communicating have come to pass.  However, I am sure there are some people who still check every now and again to see if anything is going on in here.  Well…just in case I thought it might be nice to post a little blog about this year and GB2010.  I think there are some of our gang going and thought it might be good to share and encourage a mass meet up, eg will oxford be in attendance, leeds, york, cardiff, quaint little village vicar folk, australia, london, the far south side massive as well as our european friends.  I hope to see friends at the festival, if not soon.  Nick and Paul and I are playing some records together, Mike B and Carl are also heavily involved in making peoples ear drums vibrate with the sounds of music.  There is some good music happening on the main stage and some good speakers too.  Post a reply if you coming if you see this!

Michael Lock


2 responses to “Greenbelt 2010

  1. Yup, the Richmonds will be there. NOT working for once!!!!

    Well, maybe a bit.

  2. lostingraceland

    It’ll be great for you to see more of the front of the stage, listen to the squeakers and wander about a bit. Glad you Richmonds going. See you there!

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