its the 90s

its the 90s


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  1. lostingraceland

    AMAZING look to is it going, crossfader good and all channels good? Looks like it has been looked after. I might try and mix some tunes later – inspired by the picture

  2. crossfader slightly crackley at one end, all else in good condition. roland in swansea says that they can supply a replacement potentiometer for the crossfader. (The part number 01454201 and the price £6.90 including p&p.) need to look to see if this involves some soldering or whether will easily click into place. you done anything similar?
    am playing burials untrue (at -10) & zidane soundtrack (by mogwai) at same time, no mixing involved, fits together nicely.

  3. lostingraceland

    They seem to screw out screw in on the surface and probably connector you can undo. Cheap as chips! Have you considered something like this?

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