Repair things, Darn it!

A good article from Howies magazinerepair



5 responses to “Repair things, Darn it!

  1. i want a camera that does purple lines, some things are better broken.

  2. lostingraceland

    I got mine fixed for free just like in the article..ahhh…no photos of oop narth though.

  3. i want some of those ‘spare 10 minutes’ that he’s talking about.

  4. ps – i bought loads of stuff from the howies sample sale in cardiff last week, to replace the clothes i couldn’t be arsed to fix!

  5. lostingraceland

    sample sale sounds good, especially if you get cheap price and stuff that you might not see around. Very interesting the way they are promoting the idea of recycling and sendin back old clothing, always worn stuff til death! ie first stuessy tshirt has been on my back since I for about fiteen years!
    Washed it though…so no worry

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