jesus is for losers…

…according to calamateur. and he’s scottish. i ain’t arguing.

his album, jesus is for losers, all full of covers that mention jesus somehow or other. it’s free. free. for nowt. and it’s very good.

he may not (or may) thank me for this but it’s for fans of Snow Patrol, Iain Archer and the like (so michael lock) and perhaps some other people too.

perhaps click on the pic above and go download the album. then perhaps pass it on to as many people as you can. then perhaps drop him a message to say ta or something else that’s nice.


One response to “jesus is for losers…

  1. lostingraceland

    downloaded it and will be playing it very soon…
    (the new Iain Archer album is great too!ahhh, love that chap…Miriam doing good thing n all innit)

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