insult to latin

For food in a hungry world, for companionship in a world of loneliness, for peace in an age of violence, we give thanks.

this is the new, non-religion-specific grace that newnham college cambridge is hoping to adopt (except this is in english and the grace will be in latin, obv).

it replaces

Bless us Lord God and bless these gifts which by your generosity we are about to eat, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

one professor (beard) said the new grace was

disguising a load of well-meaning platitudes in some posh dead language, which was actually an insult to that dead language.

i quite like it. wish a  lot of our public prayers could be so meaningful.

more here


2 responses to “insult to latin

  1. It is so important that prayers do mean stuff, I like this one too…

    Cyflwynwn i ti y dydd hwn, ei gyfrifoldebau a’i dasgau,
    ei her a’i gyfleoedd,
    ei waith a’i weithgaredd,
    ei bleser a’i foddhad,
    a’r bobl y cyfarfyddwn â hwy,
    fel y gwnelom bopeth yn dda,
    a thrysori dy roddion â pharch a gofal.
    Bydded inni ddewis yn ddoeth a gweithredu’n ddoeth,
    fel na wastreffir dim,
    na chymryd dim yn ganiataol,
    ac na wneir dim a fydd yn llygru nac yn baeddu,
    nac yn amharu ar dy ddelw di
    ynom ni a’r holl greadigaeth.

  2. is that the lord’s prayer?

    (my welsh ain’t up to that).

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