Top Ten Gadgets of All Time


10 Technics 1210

9 Pacemaker

8 pen drives

7 Vestax PCV275

6 Sony Minidisc players

5 Korg Kaoss Pad 3

4 Sony Alpha cameras

3 Sony Ericsson Mobiles

2 Korg Electribe

1 Korg MS2000b

[michael l]


9 responses to “Top Ten Gadgets of All Time

  1. espresso machine
    self adhesive bike tyre patches
    serato scratch (probably)
    slow-lowering toilet seat
    led light

    (no particular order)

  2. oooh, and that spark striker thing that you start fires with

  3. lostingraceland

    I want the slow lower toilet seat – f”real! (sorry listening to Pharrell and it making me express funny)
    If only I knew the iphone!!
    one day I’ll get gps, when the nest thing cometh.
    I love the sparker!! That is serious boy stuffymajig!


  4. is lost in graceland just turning into a a slow and odd way for the two of us to talk michael.

    anyone else still here?

  5. lostingraceland

    Hello, we always read the blog, we love it!

    Nah only kiddin…it is just you and me ed..
    hope you are well? strange how much I enjoy compiling lists of things…ocd teacher type thing maybe?
    [michael l]

  6. ocd, senility and educational leanings are just opposite sides of the same three, er, sided, er coin.

    no, wait. hang on…

  7. lostingraceland

    Nic…would your new mixer come into the top ten of your list?
    Mike…didn’t you have some sort of personal organiser gadget or something…did your mobile replace its use, cos I use mine for everything…#briiing ‘blow your nose’…#briiing ‘dont forget your mobile when you go to work today.’ etc

  8. favourite gadgets are

    big yellow dewalt sds drill.
    radio (any)
    video camera
    digital camera
    roland mixer. (bright orange on black with flashing lights. will post a photo. )

  9. lostingraceland

    cant wait for photo…

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