caption competition



10 responses to “caption competition

  1. It could be you

  2. yes, that is the hand of mike… Our kids were in charge of the cameras at the wedding, random to say the least… numerous close ups of the carpet (intentional, not accidental), blurred “action” shots of the service & speeches (very atmospheric)…
    i like this a photo…

    (m&b… just putting the photos onto disk to give to you, sorry bout the slight delay) n

  3. men are from marsIPAN & women are from venusZUELA.ahem.

  4. just one press and the whole wedding party would go up in smoke….kabooooom!

  5. On reflection the icing bride was his preferred option for the quiet life he had always dreamed of!

  6. He gently lifted his finger away hoping no-one noticed the greeny he had left behind the carefully crafted decoration.

  7. as if by magic he lifted the sponge with only one finger, defying gravity and amazing the guests.

  8. Little man icing felt conscious of something behind him, getting closer, so scared he got he pooped a cake!

  9. don’t lean back it’s a long way down…

  10. ‘waiting for that giant leap forwards’

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