Nice sounds

I heard The Gentle Good singing some lovely Welsh tunes on 6 music last week  I image all you Cardiffians/people into music (and particularly those of you who are both – you know who you are!) have been aware of him for some time, but I haven’t, and I am also quite pleased with myself for expanding my own music listening repertoire (instead of relying on Simon to bring stuff home as is usually the case).  He reminds me a bit of Eliott Smith but I hope he’s a happier soul than he.  I love ‘Dawel Disgyn’…makes me nostalgic for the Welsh weather – can you believe I sometimes even miss the rain?.  Its also got some of the same atmosphere to this brilliant CD we’ve got of Welsh lullabies called Suo Ganeoun- which has all sorts of well-known Welsh singers singing all sorts of well-known Welsh lullabies, in less well-known and interesting ways. mmmm lovely…think I might be getting into a bit of folk in me old age.



2 responses to “Nice sounds

  1. hi rach, you have shamed me – i definitely should have flagged gentle good up before now. i love the fact that he’s all kind of nick drakey but not like some dull homage act, and yes, he is a happier soul than smith – he’s actually quite charming live.

    bumped into the bloke who runs the label he’s on at swn last night and his first album proper will be out a week on monday.

    in fact i think it’s time to right that wrong…

    check out the folk post on

  2. its great, thank u very much 🙂

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