forgiving more than God?

listened to this programme on radio 4 the other night – full of really interesting questions and challenging thoughts about forgiveness (exactly the kind of stuff I’d really like to hear about in church – but never do).

julie nicholson used to be a vicar in bristol but after her daughter was killed in the london bombings of 2005 she found she had to quit as she couldn’t preach about forgiveness when she couldn’t forgive the bomber.

in the programme, she goes to meet people, some who have been able to forgive terrible things, others who feel that they can’t. one contributor suggested that in the christian tradition we are asked to forgive more than God; we are told to forgive anyone regardless of whether they ask our forgiveness; yet God needs us to repent before he can forgive us.

it reminded me of this pete rollins blog (always an excellent mind-tickler) where he suggests that the only forgiveness worth giving is impossible forgiveness – anything else is too easy.

anyway, In Search Of Forgiveness is up online to listen to for a while and is well worth it.



One response to “forgiving more than God?

  1. Thanks for this Ed – we’ve had a few things recently to forgive the church for which is a particular challenge. As a child/teenager who was keen on the techinicalities of things I would often get stuck on that one about God needing us to say sorry but we weren’t to expect it of others. I guess someone like James Allison might say that God doesn’t really need us to say sorry, its just we need to ‘forgive’ or get over ourselves in the way of us and God….mmm I would also get hung up on the idea that we could thank God for good stuff but never blame God for bad stuff. Never made sense. Anyway I’ll try and listen to this even though I genereally find listening again difficult as I never usually deliberately listen to the radio – its just on when I’m doing something, so its a strange concept – I hope I can concentrate if I haven’t got my hands in the sink!

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