Nitin Sawhney at Electric Proms

People have probably wondered what has been happening to me.  Well apart from the usual frenetic amount of work I have been off to see my favourite artist, yes you guessed, Nitin Sawhney.

Over half term I went down to London to stay with friend and we went to the Electric Proms. It was an incredibly polished performance,   Just wondering – Ed, do the BBC have any plans to do DVD’s of any of the performances.  Obviously it would be good to see Nitin’s stuff again, but there is also so much other stuff that you can’t catch up on in a week – especially if you are away part of the time.  I also went to the album tour gig which was a smaller but in some ways more powerful event.  I got to chat to the man afterwards, which was really great – nice to be appreciated.

BTW anyone in Cardiff going to swm festival.  I haven’t bought any tickets yet, but I’m a bit torn between Cate le Bon and Euros Childs



2 responses to “Nitin Sawhney at Electric Proms

  1. hi rosemary. don’t know that the bbc will release an ep dvd as there’s just so much stuff it’d have to be a serious number of box sets in one.

    best bet is to sign up to the electric proms mailing list here – to keep up to date with anything that may be released.

  2. I watched it on the red button on bbc one – very good show!

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