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Avoid the cach @ swn!

Friday 14th November

6.30pm – 7pm Camera

Kaz Bar, Cardiff

9.00pm-9.30pm Radio Luxembourg

Tommy’s Bar

9.30pm-10.00pm (upstairs) Threatmantics

Clwb Ifor Bach (both floors)

9.30pm-10.30pm The Pipettes

The Point, Cardiff

1.00am-2.00am Skinny Man

Tafod, Cardiff

Saturday 15th November

7.30pm-8.00pm Attack + Defend

Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

8.45pm – 9.45pm (main theatre) Cate le Bon

The Gate, Cardiff

9.45pm – 10.45pm Euros Childs

Reardon Smith Theatre, National Museum of Wales

11.15pm – 12.00am Orcop

Tafod @ Nos Da, Cardiff

12.00am – 01.00am Cian: Acid Casuals

Tafod @ Nos Da, Cardiff

2.00am – 3.00am The Hidden Persuader

Tafod @ Nos Da, Cardiff

2.00-4.00am – High Contrast

The Point, Cardiff

Sunday 16th November

Gwyneth Glyn 3.00pm-3.30pm

Glo Bar, Cardiff

Goldie Lookin Chain 8.00pm-9.00pm

The Point, Cardiff

Richard James 10.00pm-11.00pm

Dempseys (upstairs), Cardiff

Rob Da Bank 9.45pm-11.15pm

The Point, Cardiff

[michael l]


Forest School

Forest School is this way of teaching people outdoors…

Sounds like a fun idea…and it is real good!  There is all this research n stuff that has gone into play since the seventies when life was groovy…and people have recently done some funky stuff with it…and then from this kind of thing came this play policy in Wales…really good thing…then the play policy implementation plan..which was nice…and told teachers (and people who care) how to do the right stuff and what the WAGsters were planning on doing next…So anyway, outdoors is a good thing cos of…THIS SORT OF THING, n it really is good (one study took groups into city scape/landscape and found dramatic difference in how it makes people think n feel) cos our brains need nature and dont like man made structures all the time…and then there is the way we teach and how we need to give children time to do some things and step back from all that jabbering…jabber if we allow children ops to problem solve and share their more abstract thoughts and do a bit of shaping at the point of utterance…then who knows what can happen!   So I have handed in this large file of a years worth of slog and feel a great sense of relief as it was hard for my brain…but the stuff I have found out has been brill…

1. Going out to the country helps when you feel poo

2. By spending time outdoors where there are trees you can relax and feel some special stuff (God given stuff)

3. By not getting too involved with grey buildings and big structures you can stop yourself getting sad/anxious

4. Through giving yourself and those around you time to think life might make more sense

5. Some direction is necessary to help us get the right thoughts going on in there – seek direction!

6. If people go out and experience nature together, play within nature, use the renewable resources to make fun things we can really enjoy ourselves and learn some stuff

7. Children should be taken away from the television and given something that will help them in later life, the man made stuff is a real bad influence and really does not help the brain in high doses (eg every night from 4 – 7)

8. Hugging trees gives you a green/brown stain on your chin and makes you look stupid!


[michael l]

between jobs

been a good week so far. finished my old job on fri, start my new job next week.  so this week gives me time do some repointing of brickwork and mend gutters to try and stop damp patch spreading in bedroom and bathroom. much more interesting than being stuck in front of computer in an office. heres a useful link to some videos of how to repoint your house using lime mortar. enjoy. nicW

eng-er-land at wem-ber-ley



i took our 2 kids to wembly to see england play kazakstahn on sat. ive no intrest in footy, not been to a game before, & cant remember the last time i watched a whole match on the telly, but the occasion presented itself in the form of a primary school trip (50 of us) and it was a good chance to see the stadium. impressed with the building, especially with the arch lit. inside had good site lines, seemed almost intimate, even with 89, 701 people there. very easy to get in and out, obvious route between entrance and seat. still dont get the game tho, was alright (england won, 5:1). have never understood the tribalism that some sports generate. I wanted england to win (to keep the hoards friendly on the journey home) but would`ve prefered to see a more exciting game, even if it meant losing. Tom liked the train journey, the shouting, and the “great escape” band, but spent most of the game trying to start mexican waves, Joe didnt see any of the goals “cos the kids in front kept standing up” when it got exciting, but Ive fulfilled my duty as a dad so am happy.

Dan y Cownter 3

go here and download some new music – gwych!

[michael l]

that all-important vote



nope, not the us election. greenbelt’s up for some awards.

if you rate the festival please have a look at the categories and vote – these things really do help in raising the profile of the festival which in turn helps attract a wider range of guests and artists.