Top Ten Films of All Time

10 All the Hammer Horror Movies

9 Dead Man Walking (original)

8 Moulin Rouge

7 Magnolia

6 The Edukators

5 Lola Rennt

4 High Fidelity

3 Lorenzos Oil

2 Breakdance the Movie

1 Lost in Translation

[michael l]


4 responses to “Top Ten Films of All Time

  1. notes

    generally a high quality list Mr Lock but no ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ Glaring omission i declare. Will lend you the DVD, have hankies ready for man blubbing!

    Drum and Bass DJ and all-round Pernarthian High Contrast recently got himself a box of the prop frogs that feature in THAT bit of Magnolia. apparently some still have bits of tarmac in them from where they hit the road at great pace.

    got to think of mine now… back soon.

  2. lostingraceland

    thass a great film if iss the one where the boy hides and the father gets it.cheers for the the frogs!

  3. spoilt the film for me now… so the frogs did it!
    i`ve only seen 1 & 2 halves of the above list.
    my new yrs resolution was to see more films at the cinema, so far have seen 1, and that was rubbish. n

  4. lostingraceland

    cinema is so expensive too, if you not sure what film like (which is oft the case) and then turns out rubbish one feels gutted on spending the money on the ticket. I’d love some tips on where to go next… as I love film but hate spending the money on poop.

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