different trains (by bike)

just got me one of them mp3 player thingies (yes, i know, soooooooo behind the times and someone in my work should blah blah blah) and have started listening to as i cycle to and from work. i rush to say that i don’t listen too loud so that i can still hear what’s going on around me.

having exhausted patience with hip hop, cleverclever indie and math-rock i listened to steve reich’s ‘different trains’ tonight.

reich’s piece is made of strings melodies aping the sounds of people talking about their memories of train journeys; some are of american journeys, and some are holocaust survivors’ memories of very different train journeys.

even without knowing the background it’s musically very moving. but cycling along listening to this ‘found’ music while hearing road noise, clanking trailers, car horns, people chatting, was amazing.

you can listen to different trains on last.fm



One response to “different trains (by bike)

  1. i will try the same when the rain stops and i get back on my bike [michael]

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