what to do

been offered a new job, good firm & good folk, good experience, but the product i`ll be designing is a bit dull.  my current job is very shaky, not a good time to be in the housing business, & am being encouraged to leave before pushed. ideally would want a job where i could do something a bit creative and not have to wear a tie.  but its a job…so will prob take it, feel like i should be more excited.  n


3 responses to “what to do

  1. hmmm, tough times innit nic. all the best with whatever you choose.

  2. It’s always difficult to know whether to jump or not – but if the bridge is burning behind you its probably better to jump to a job – even if it designing something dull (I want to know what it is you’ll be designing now!) – maybe you will get the opportunity to jazz it up a bit later on. At least you say that the new place has good people – that has to be worth a fair bit for a start!
    Good luck and God blass whatever you do.

  3. well done n. Didnt know whether to ring to see if ou got it, but thought you would have. Who knows what tomorrow brings, for today you are sorted at least. Sorry it is not ideal though. Speak to you soon.

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