casual sects

hi all

after a little prompting from aussie rob, I’ve just started (and for just started read ‘slightly afeared that this is as far as it’ll get’) a music blog.

am aiming to flag up some of the ridiculous amount of music that comes across my desk, especially if those acts have free downloads available (always nicer to be able to try before you buy). currently all three posts are for guitar-based gubbins, got to pick up the pace on the electronics soon.

so please click and read it, download stuff and let me know what you think. (and take this post here as an attempt to force me to try and keep it up and not let it fizzle like many other things i’ve turned my hand to!)



3 responses to “casual sects

  1. inoformative, interesting and downloaded koleon tune, thanks

  2. music blog is a good plan. (i listen to music at double speed, means you can get through more in the same time. plus it sounds better…sometimes / sort of. dont have the patience for quiet music at the moment. )

    will listen with intrest and growing a beard in support.

  3. Cheers for fears Big Ears!! Hey congrats on the new blog. Will read with interest and gusto! If I get a heads up on anything worthy I’ll let you know. Fred Eaglesmith’s new one by the way is one fantastic worship album – in a very no-Hillsong, rusty, country, rocky, punk, rough as lazarus kind of way. Real worship for real people. Mega. (well, its not too shabby!!)
    PS love the blog name – excellent!!

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