Back to School

Hope that you are all settled back into work after your summer holidays.

I love being back, although a little bit busy.

Just been to Merthyr to see a young lady who has left my class and school.

We had tea in ASDA.  We were going to go to Shine soft play centre, but that closed.

Poor children up there have very little going on.

[michael l]


3 responses to “Back to School

  1. now michael, y’know you can’t put an old head…

    sad about shine though.

    (you sure Asda wasn’t just one of your supermarket trips foisted upon the kids?)

  2. your pic reminds me of babydad website where dads send in photos of them wiv their babies with photoshop swapped heads. madcap.
    bizzy in g-town – at least has a playcentre..


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