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Top Ten Films of All Time

10 All the Hammer Horror Movies

9 Dead Man Walking (original)

8 Moulin Rouge

7 Magnolia

6 The Edukators

5 Lola Rennt

4 High Fidelity

3 Lorenzos Oil

2 Breakdance the Movie

1 Lost in Translation

[michael l]


different trains (by bike)

just got me one of them mp3 player thingies (yes, i know, soooooooo behind the times and someone in my work should blah blah blah) and have started listening to as i cycle to and from work. i rush to say that i don’t listen too loud so that i can still hear what’s going on around me.

having exhausted patience with hip hop, cleverclever indie and math-rock i listened to steve reich’s ‘different trains’ tonight.

reich’s piece is made of strings melodies aping the sounds of people talking about their memories of train journeys; some are of american journeys, and some are holocaust survivors’ memories of very different train journeys.

even without knowing the background it’s musically very moving. but cycling along listening to this ‘found’ music while hearing road noise, clanking trailers, car horns, people chatting, was amazing.

you can listen to different trains on


vending machine antics

So I was in this caf that I go to a lot – its in the basement of a church and is run by the London Catholic Workers – its such a great place and saved my life (almost) last winter when I didn’t have anywhere to go with my girls.  They charge 50p for a bowl of soup and for that you get a warm welcome and, if you’re lucky, tales of their latest anti war/arms trade campaigning and subsequent imprisonments… so I think its a complete bargain all round…  Anyway, I was there this week and there was this new sweet vending machine, which of course caught Isla’s eye.   I was caving in and about to put my money in when someone explained that it was in fact a special machine, no less, which gives you the option of putting in either 50p or 40p. Apparently the idea is that the next person who comes to buy sweets will get more if you put in 50p but you will get exactly the same amount yourself if you put in 40p or 50p!   Anyway, much to our delight someone had put in 50p before us so we had loads of sweets, and as I’d managed to find a 50 pence piece I was quite happy to bless a stranger with an abundance of m&ms.  Afterwards the people who designed it asked me a few questions about it for a documentary their making and explained that its trying to get people thinking about how they can take responsibility for others through the way they consume… I had a look at their web site and they’ve got some really interesting things going on, including little music boxes placed around the streets which are powered by solar….they play uplifting music when its sunny to help people feel positive about being in a place  – cool.   Another idea I liked was trying and get people to like windfarms by putting images of them on products that try and promote idyllic images of the countryside, like Yorkshire Tea and Ambrosia Creamed rice.  Very funny and interesting I thought. Check ’em out…


rosie’s dedication


can anyone recommend any readings, prayers, poems, songs, audio visual material…we can use for rosie’s dedication, please?


deb p

grumpy old loaf

i baked this yesterday.

molly noticed the grumpy face on one end.

(incredibly, she didn’t say it looked like me)

hello from liz. 

some money i made

some money i made

church apologises to darwin

read about it on the skeptic detective.