First Night 4 gspl:2528

G’day from the ‘other side’, the land downunder. Tonight was our first gspl:2528 Sunday Night service – a cafe style attempt to turn church on its head (a bit!). the band were great and played a bit of Tom Waits, a bit of Nick Cave and a bit of gospel and a bit of Ross’s new song he’d written for the night. Ross spoke about how we got here and Brian spoke on the counter-cultural and revolutionary call that is the first verse of Mark’s Gospel. By putting it in its historical context the 8 (or so) words of that first verse challenged the establishment of the day, the might of the Roman Empire; and the challenge to join the revolution continues, to join the movement, to be seditious, to go against the prevailing regime, the ’empires’ the world that we live in call us to belong to. Its revolutionary call is just as relevant today as it was back in Nero’s day.

So we are off and we’re out having a go. We still have a lot to learn but its fun (so far!) to have started our own (little) revolution, our part in trying to bring the good news to postcode 2528.



One response to “First Night 4 gspl:2528

  1. nice one rob. glad it’s all off to a good start. loved your fliers by the way, only in oz!

    all the best as you all keep on running now.

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