my gb08

djmike with minders

djmike with minders

had marvelous time at gb. drank lots of coffee (filter coffee this year, still shaking, need a refill soon) met bristol/london/cardiff/york friends. learnt how to protect my crops from elephants (rope covered with a mixture of chili-powder / tobaco and oil), learnt that andyloos takes 15 tons of “waste” off site per day, played some extreme records very badly and people still danced (?), learnt about the commercial aspects of running/ruining a pub,  went to bed far too early (everything stops at 2-00am?),  avoided most church services (i trned up late, just in time to serve communion),  was moved by the LarryNorman tribute. special thanks to ed & carl for organising and for mike for support and knowing the way to Morrisons.  now spot the rubber duck in the following (security (see above) were impressed with our “duck-on-a-flashing-torch-installation”, big softies)     nicW


2 responses to “my gb08

  1. lostingraceland


  2. looks like you managed a rare glimpse of Onsolo out of that hilarious comedy ‘Keeping up Appearances’ – undercover as a bouncer. I can’t believe how many incognito celebs you can spot at greenbelt if you really put your mind to it.

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