soft rock rocks. (official).

now listen, i’ve got a sort of confession to make. ahem. i grew up listening to soft and prog rock. y’see, i used to hang around with teens who were older than me, so while i should have been forging a musical identity of my own with the early works of U2 and Simple Minds i was actually spending far too long listening to Yes, Rush, Styx, Boston, Journey and even Foreigner!

But for some reason, I really got hooked into Kansas. They had this kind of courtry-rock-riff-prog thing going on that (as i was learning guitar) sounded amazing to me. Lyrically, they had this big-search-for-meaning/questions-and-questions approach too which chimed with me (and still does if truth be told).

anyway, whiled down in dorset the other week, i stumbled across their Leftoverture album (just check the artwork will ya?) on vinyl in Bridport’s Oxfam – an album i’d previously only owned on a battered old c90. i purchased!

so i had to keep this piece of vintage 1976 wax in a hot car carefully for a week while we were camping, which i duly did, and when i got it home it was still flat and i listened to the amazing riffs and time changes of…

Carry On Wayward Son*

shameless bliss.

(*go on, click on that link and listen to it on and then tell me my teens were misspent!!!)



3 responses to “soft rock rocks. (official).

  1. ED! i knew there was a reason i liked you – prog rock rules! I was sucked into the prog rock vortex by the artwork of roger dean on thos yes 12′ lps – and while my musical tastes are very varied now i still have a soft spot for a bit of the old prog.
    a kindred spirit – and no, your youth was not wasted!

  2. aha, Roger Dean. When I was a kid I remember looking at teenagers wearing Those t-shirts with the Yes design and wondering what they were saying yes to.

  3. (though I’m more of a Rush man now).

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