been in london this week for a training course. saw this piece of broadsheet pasted on a wall near king’s cross. fun.

after the first day a few of us headed off to see the newly renovated st pancras station. it’s got something of a cathedral feel to it. amazing piece of engineer-chitecture. this is the roof. if you get a chance it’s worth a look (not just the roof); ignore the big sculpture of the kissing couple (the meeting place) – obscene, oversized piece of literalism – and check out the one of betjeman looking up at some mysterious thing in the distance – has a real sense of whimsy and charm. we had a little drink of champagne (not from the £940 bottle though). classy.

on the train i started reading simon parke’s book ‘the beautiful life – ten new commandments’. it’s one of those ‘hang on, i’ll just have to re-read that line again a few times to try and figure out what it means/how deep it is/wtf!?!?’ books. with lines like that one above it’s some powerful, bewildering stuff in so few words. deep.

really. deep.



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