think ive recovered from glastnbury, tho fell asleep this aft, but that was probably the tennis. glastonbury was very good.

highlights include dj donna summer, kissy sell out, derek may, leonard cohen & his hat. dont think i saw a traditional band… no, i saw a bit of franz ferdinand by mistake (should`ve been dizzee rascal) but left after first song. the elemental team was good this year, the right balance of practical and spiritual, (well you know what i mean). music in the venue was very good, as was the sculpture masterclass outside (run by barry & dylan).

bit of a panic with the hairwashing at one stage, me & barry nearly got volunteered, but common sense prevailed… dont think they were that desperate.

 had the traditional elemental knees up on the last night with fine tunes provided by carl & gregT, finishing off at 4am-ish with the elemental theme tune – the worzels’ ive got a brand new combine harvester – had to be there… nicW



2 responses to “glastonbury

  1. nice pics nic.

    having only done the glasto-mental thing once i can’t claim to be a veteran but i do have very happy memories (as well as a few horrendous ones (though these are fading)) of being there. these are some of the good ‘uns:

    late night chats with WilD.
    andy burton soundtracking the tent with smith and mighty and aphex.
    barry building the porch the wrong way round.
    barry (in general).
    great panel discusion with one of the hare krishnas from next door.
    mike dogged determination to do a service thing when the rest of us were ready to give up on life.
    dot’s food.
    greg’s grin.
    fireside chats.
    the list could go on. and on. and on.

  2. nice – watched it on tv again – coverage was rubbish this year, it is getting worse, saw three or four mainstream acts so many times, glad the real thing was better.

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