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love letter…

i know i’ve been bangin on about dan le sac vs scroobius pip for time now but the words are good and the video’s ok too.




ed (cos mike b told me to)

soft rock rocks. (official).

now listen, i’ve got a sort of confession to make. ahem. i grew up listening to soft and prog rock. y’see, i used to hang around with teens who were older than me, so while i should have been forging a musical identity of my own with the early works of U2 and Simple Minds i was actually spending far too long listening to Yes, Rush, Styx, Boston, Journey and even Foreigner!

But for some reason, I really got hooked into Kansas. They had this kind of courtry-rock-riff-prog thing going on that (as i was learning guitar) sounded amazing to me. Lyrically, they had this big-search-for-meaning/questions-and-questions approach too which chimed with me (and still does if truth be told).

anyway, whiled down in dorset the other week, i stumbled across their Leftoverture album (just check the artwork will ya?) on vinyl in Bridport’s Oxfam – an album i’d previously only owned on a battered old c90. i purchased!

so i had to keep this piece of vintage 1976 wax in a hot car carefully for a week while we were camping, which i duly did, and when i got it home it was still flat and i listened to the amazing riffs and time changes of…

Carry On Wayward Son*

shameless bliss.

(*go on, click on that link and listen to it on and then tell me my teens were misspent!!!)


robo disco x3


Said I’d post so here you go…


camp bestival

spent last weekend at the inaugural camp bestival in dorset. ’twas lovely.

got the kids trained up to stay up late and gave them ear defenders so they could see the likes of Chuck Berry (still amazing at 250 years old!), Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip (lots of effin language that i’m just waiting for sam to use at nursery), The Flaming Lips (moll wants to be in the band when she grows up and i’ve decided not to commit myself to any church until wayne coyne gets ordained) and loads of others.

camping with the kids was more fun than i thought too, if a little more complicated (my new definition of grim is waiting in line for a festival bog with a full potty to empty – i think you know what i’m saying).


nic’s late-to-bed robot

‘the internet is the new shed’

drawing robots late night is the new poker

..remember kid koala’ nufonia must fall?