Antipodean musings

The idea and genesis of Graceland bgan and had its upbringing in Cardiff but has grown beyond Cardiff but is still a child of its place and time. As people have grown up and moved on, or like Gail and I, have come in and been touched by the magic of Graceland and moved back to where they came from, the spirit of Graceland has gone with them, extending the reach of Graceland beyond the M4 boundary of Cardiff. Graceland is more than an idea, a concept, or even a collection of people – it is a spirit, an energy, a willingness to question and do things differently and to celebrate the journey. Maybe I only saw a small window into Graceland, but it was the possibility of the idea of Graceland that inspires and moves me. And it is that which I choose to celebrate in welcoming all Gracelanders (and those who read this) to this Lost in Graceland blog. Croeso!


2 responses to “Antipodean musings

  1. it’s raining in wales
    howz the sky down under?


  2. da iawn rob.

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