camping it up

This is our new tent. It’s retro and cool looking and (faaaaaaaaaaar more importantly) really easy to put up.

All four of us spent a night testing it out in the Gower the weekend before last (hence the blindin’ sun) to test it out because…. (fanfare)

…this year the clan Richmond are Festing! 

Plans are to get to Camp Bestival, The Green Man and Greenbelt.

With two kids.

Saints preserve us.

(this is really going to test whether I like festivals, or just think I do). Er… bring on the summer?



3 responses to “camping it up

  1. nice tent, a bit too white?, … heading off to glastonbury tomorrow (after work)… just cutting out a stencil for graffiti…then really must finish packing, and perhaps get some sleep in somewhere. will post some photos if dont get stuck.

  2. it’s actually a tasteful off white mr w!

    enjoy/survive glasto. talk soon.

  3. the best gadget i seen in ages is a battery powered air pump. fantastic for airbeds and super furry animal gigs.

    good luck, my lovelies

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